Malola Mind Mentors is an organization that focuses mainly on business psychology. Their objective is to empower a business' effort on organizational excellence and help it achieve sustained excellence. As business psychology is broadly defined as 'aligning people and people processes to the objectives of the organization', the organization's value offerings are focused on the 'people', as they form the most important component when it comes to winning all corporate battles.

Malola's offerings align people and the people processes in order to enjoy the journey of achievement and actually attain their objectives. Formerly known as 'Malola Learning', it is an exciting organization founded by passionate professionals who aim to make corporate history through path-breaking services. They focus on passion, commitment, excellence, creativity, innovation and measurable growth (which is their core value) as they help various businesses in acheiving their goals.

Malola's offerings are considered as 'value offerings'. They offer business psychology solutions through:

Behavioral Enhancement Programs - Business Psychology is all about 'aligning people and people processes to organization objectives'. Aligning people is delivered through their Behavioral Enhancement Programs, and the aligning people processes is being delivered through the Strategic Initiatives. This is a path breaking offering that is quite different from the standard soft skills program being offered.

Strategic Initiatives - Malola Mind Mentors offerings are completely 'client-centric'. The single differentiator is 'Accountability'. Malola ensures that their engagements are relevant and practical, with implementable solutions. The organization strongly believes that their success depends upon their services being measurable for tangible results.